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Air Entrance System

Give your customers a pleasant environment.

The free unobstructed flow of traffic is an important factor in planning access to your facility. Berner International Corporation, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of air curtains, offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for high traffic entranceways—The Berner Air Entrance System. This innovative entrance system provides a recirculated air seal, through concealed ductwork, effectively creating a barrier between indoor and outdoor temperature conditions. Open access, safety and energy efficiency are created out of thin air with the Berner Air Entrance System—the only air entrance system backed by the engineering expertise of Berner International Corporation. The Air Entrance System allows you to keep your doors open enticing people to enter your business.

Safety First

Increase customer safety, comfort and convenience with an Air Entrance from Berner International—the most trusted name in air curtain systems. Ideal for retail, supermarkets, health care, casinos and other public facilities. The Air Entrance from Berner offers unsurpassed safety and reliability. Unlike a traditional air curtain, Berner Air Entrance systems discharge a controlled stream of air from a concealed overhead plenum which travels vertically across openings and enters a special floor grating system where it is cleaned and recirculated. The Air Entrance from Berner can replace the need for conventional swinging or automatic doors to open and close during normal business hours thus creating a barrier-free entrance that increases access and reduces liability.

Energy Efficient

Today's building codes demand energy efficient entrance systems that maintain positive internal air pressure within tightly constructed buildings. The Air Entrance system from Berner is specially engineered to produce a stream of air that separates the indoor conditioned air from the outdoor uncontrolled air. Berner units are so efficient that as much as 90% of the discharge air is collected and recirculated.

Automatic Cleaning

As the fan draws air through the floor grill, fine mesh filters trap dirt and foreign particles before the air is recirculated. An automatic wash system removes any dirt drawn into the pit and filters. The Berner Air Entrance system is completely plumbed and requires only a standard connection to an existing water supply.

Reliable Operation

A pioneer of reliable air curtain technology, Berner International has invested years of research into improving the performance and efficiency of air curtain systems. The Berner Air Entrance system is the newest addition to the Berner line, taking air curtains and doors to a new level of safety, performance and comfort.

Heat and Cooling Options

Consult factory.


Berner International Air Entrance System has a two year parts warranty.

Model Performance Data

Model Opening
Width (ft)
Amp Draw
Air Flow
AES-1-008 8 1.5' x 8' 3 9.1 / 8.2 / 4.1 9340
AES-1-009 9 1.5' x 9' 3 9.1 / 8.2 / 4.1 10673
AES-1-010 10 1.5' x 10' 3 9.1 / 8.2 / 4.1 12006
AES-1-011 11 1.5' x 11' 3 9.1 / 8.2 / 4.1 13339
AES-1-012 12 1.5' x 12' 5 14 / 12.7 / 6.4 14672
AES-1-013 13 1.5' x 13' 5 14 / 12.7 / 6.4 16005
AES-1-014 14 1.5' x 14' 7.5 21 / 19 / 9.5 17338
AES-1-015 15 1.5' x 15' 7.5 21 / 19 / 9.5 18671
AES-1-016 16 1.5' x 16' 10 27.3 / 24.7 / 12.3 20004