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Commercial/Retail & Industrial Air Curtains/Air Doors

Choose your air curtain/air door by protection height or application Drive-Thru Unit E-Zone Maxair Aura Star Mark II In-Ceiling-12 In-Ceiling-16 VSA VSB CFA/CFX FS CFC/CFY EWD HL Series

Berner International Corporation offers the most complete line of Air Doors/Air Curtains available. Our air doors/air curtains keep unconditioned air, fumes, and dust from entering through open doorways, saving energy and creating healthy, comfortable environments. Because Berner Air Door/Air Curtains employ the correct balance of Volume, Velocity, and Uniformity, an unheated unit has an average "payback" of two years or less.  Our Air Doors/Air Curtains feature:

  • Wind stopping ability up to 30 mph
  • Unheated, Electric, Steam/Hot Water or Gas Heat
  • All units shipped fully assembled
  • Durable construction
  • Washdown Duty motors and construction for corrosive environments available
  • Explosion Proof motors and Spark Resistant construction for hazardous locations available
  • Custom air curtains/air doors available for any application
  • Proven, AMCA certified performance, see performance research

No matter what the size of your opening - Berner has models to meet your needs. AMCA certified air performance - guarantees you the Berner air door/air curtain will deliver.


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  • Creates a more comfortable environment for employees & customers
  • Saves energy, by keeping the heating or cooling inside the building
  • Allows easy access through openings, increasing safety
  • Improves indoor air quality by keeping fumes, insects, and dust out
  • Reduced door maintenance

Berner International air doors/air curtains can be installed suspended from the ceiling, around door tracks, wall mounted or vertically mounted along the side of the opening. The discharge nozzle with directional vanes can be adjusted to achieve optimal performance. When the door opens, an automatic door switch can activate the air door/air curtain providing the stream of air to stop the elements from entering the building. When the door closes, the air door/air curtain will be deactivated. There are many configurations available to operate Berner air doors/air curtains.

Contact the factory at for the application that best meets your needs.