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The Industry's Only Digital, Multi-Programmable Controller

Only available on Berner MaxAir, Zephyr & In-Ceiling Mount Series Air Curtains

  • Easy to operate

  • Energy efficient flexible control

  • Lower installation costs

  • Patented technology

Basic Operation
  • One switch controls:
    • Fan speed
    • Time delay
    • Thermostat (temperature and mode)
    • Start/stop time
    • Customizable programs
    • Number of zones
    • Days of week to operate per zone
    • Diagnosic Capabilities
General Features
  • Multiple speeds maintained +/- 5 rpm, utilizes feedback
  • Full speed start
  • LED clock display
  • Low voltage output for door switch activation: 5 volt for door/limit switch/dry contact
  • Master/Slave connection - Serial RS485 unlimited slaves up to 500 ft. away
  • External thermostat provision
  • Commercial Component Operating Range: 0° - 70°C or 32° - 158°F
  • Backwards compatible for field installation on existing MaxAir/Zephyr air curtains
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Intelli-How2 Help Site for Operating & Programming the Intelliswitch
Safety Features
  • Lockable/Tamper proof
  • Optional PASScode to unlock
  • Auto lock (on/off, locks control after 5 min)
  • Emergency stop
  • Fan fail lock out: prevents electric heater activation if fans not running
Optional accessories
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Remote mountable display/interface