Manufacturers, Warehouses and Berner Industrial Air Curtains

Manufacturing and warehousing spaces are built for work, and so are Berner industrial air curtains (air doors). By keeping unconditioned air, fumes and insects from entering buildings through open doorways, Berner industrial air curtains are recognized by plant operations professionals and engineers as a smart way to maintain a comfortable environment from the office entrance to the shipping and receiving doors — all while reducing energy costs.

Shipping & Receiving

Berner air curtains for loading dock doors, bay doors and other large openings are used to maintain a more comfortable and more energy efficient loading area.

Service Entrance

Berner commercial air curtains are used over man doors to reduce energy costs and create a more comfortable working environment.


Train Bays

Berner air curtains ensure your biggest doors keep the weather out — even while letting a train in.

Cold Storage

Used with or without a high-speed door, Berner air curtains are utilized in warehouses to help maintain temperatures and prevent frost buildup as doors open and close and fork trucks go back and forth.

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Plant engineers use Industrial Air Curtains for a number of purposes, including: to dry parts, to protect conveyor openings to the outside and to keep heat inside oven openings

    Call Berner at (800) 245-4455 or use our Request a Quote form to learn what products are right for your application.

Berner is a UL Listed panel shop, authorized to build UL Listed Motor Control Panels.

Berner Industrial Air Curtains (Air Doors) employ the correct balance of volume, velocity and uniformity, meaning an unheated unit has an average payback of two years or less. Berner has models designed to protect almost any opening, all the way up to a 30′ high door.

  • Ambient and heated air curtains available
  • Single unit lengths up to 192″ wide
  • Wind stopping ability up to 30 mph
  • All units shipped fully assembled
  • Durable construction
  • Custom air curtains/air doors available for any application
  • Washdown Duty motors and construction for corrosive environments available
  • Spark-resistant construction for hazardous locations available
  • Proven, AMCA certified performance [see performance research]


  • Creates a more productive and comfortable environment for employees and customers
  • Saves energy by keeping the heating or cooling inside the building and the outside temperatures out
  • Improves indoor air quality by keeping dust, fumes and insects out
  • Allows visibility across thresholds and easy access and egress through openings, increasing safety

Berner International Industrial Air Curtains (Air Doors) can be installed suspended from the ceiling, around door tracks, wall mounted or vertically mounted along the side of the opening.

Most air curtains for doors use an automatic door switch to activate the air curtain. When the door opens, the automatic door switch turns on the air curtain (air door), providing the stream of air to stop the elements from entering the building. When the door closes, the door switch turns off the air curtain.