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Air Entrance System

Retailers and designers know that an open door is an invitation to enter. Using the Air Entrance System on high-traffic main entrances protects the front of the store from outside temperatures as people come and go and eliminates the need for a vestibule. The Berner Air Entrance System offers open access, energy efficiency and safety — all created by a recirculating air seal passed through concealed ductwork.

The Berner Air Entrance is designed to meet the functional needs of the application and to integrate into the architectural design of the space, and is usually installed as part of the build-out of the entrance.  It provides a recirculating air seal, through concealed ductwork, effectively creating a barrier between indoor and outdoor temperature conditions. Open access, safety and energy efficiency are maximized while maintaining design intent.

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Energy Efficient

Used by popular retailers for entrances with non-stop foot traffic to keep conditioned indoor air separate from outdoor air, which helps keep energy costs low and recaptures as much as 90% of circulated air.

Automatic Cleaning

The system filters dirt and foreign particles out of the recirculating air, and the filters are then cleaned by an automatic wash system.

Reliable Operation

This is a whole new level of safety, performance and comfort — built on a 60-year tradition of excellence.

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