Sanitation Low Profile 07 Air Curtain
Berner Sanitation Certified Low Profile 7 Air Curtain Walk In Cooler

Sanitation Certified Low Profile 7

Model # SLC07

For mounting heights to 7′ (insect control).

Available in single lengths from 3′ to 10′. EPH Listed to ANSI/NSF-37. Low profile air curtain with white powder-coated cabinet, requires a minimum of 8.5″ clearance above the door. Custom colors or stainless steel available.

  • Chosen by restaurants and kitchen designers who are concerned with meeting food service standards, health department requirements, and their own criteria for flying insect control when the door is open
  • Simple to install, operate, and maintain
  • Made in U.S.A.
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• EPH Listed per NSF 37
• 8 ½” high x 8″ deep
• ⅕ hp single-speed motor(s)
• White powder-coated exterior (optional: custom color — RAL colors 1000 to 9023 only — or stainless steel)
• Wall and top mounting

This model requires a separate Activation Switch.

Basic Control Package – Recommended for openings where the door stays open for an extended period or does not have a lot of traffic.

  • Air curtain turns on when door is opened and shuts off when door is closed.
  • Consists of a door switch (roller, plunger, or magnetic reed style) and line voltage, 24 volt control, or 120 volt control

Deluxe Control Package – Recommended for high traffic openings.

  • Air curtain turns on when door is opened, when the door closes, the unit remains on until set delay time expires.
  • Consists of a door switch (roller, plunger, or magnetic reed style), a time delay, and line voltage or 24 volt control.

Berner offers an Automation Control Package version of all Control Packages, these allow the air curtain to interact with Building Automation Systems (BAS) or Automatic Door Controllers to turn on or off.

Electrical Accessories:

  • Two speed selector switches, remote mounted
  • Hand/Off/Automatic switches, remote mounted
  • Disconnect Switch(es) – toggle disconnects based on number of power supplies required.
  • Remote Thermostat & Locking Cover

Mechanical Accessories:

  • Adjustable depth Z wall bracket
  • Tandem wall mounting bracket
  • Tandem mount performance kit
  • Transom wall brackets
  • Tamper Resistant Correctional Package

For details, contact your Berner Representative

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CSI Specs

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  • UL-EPH
  • C-UL
  • FDA
  • USDA