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Energy Savings Calculator


This calculator will estimate the cost savings of a Berner air door when used to keep warmer air inside and cooler air outside. This is a typical application during winter months.

Door Height ft
Door Width ft
Outside Temperature °F
  Average outside temperature during heating season (LOOK UP)
Inside Temperature °F
  Average inside temperature during heating season / Thermostat setting
Wind Speed at the Door mph
  Average wind speed during door open time (LOOK UP)
Door Open Time hours per day
Days of Operation days per week
Weeks of Operation weeks per year
Cost of Heat $ /mmbtu or dollars per million btu
  1 Therm = 100,000 BTUs | 1 ft3 natural gas = 1,000 BTUs | Typical Cost $5 - $9
Cost of Power $ /kilowatt hour
  Typical Cost $0.045 - $0.09
Air Door Horsepower horsepower
  Total Combined horsepower (HP) of unit, ex. 3 @ 1/2 = 1.5
Cost of Air Door $
Cost of Installation $
  The following fields are not required, but will be displayed with your results if filled in.
Job Name
Zip Code
Phone Number
Door Location / Description
Air Curtain Model Number

Contact Berner if more information is needed to assist with your calculation.