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  1. How do you calculate what btu/hr will be required for any model of air curtain if the customer only gives you the requested temperature rise?

    BTU's/hr ÷ CFM's (1.085) = Temperature Rise.

  2. How do you convert kw to btu/hr?

    Kw X 3413 = BTU's.
    Example - 9.5 kw X 3413 =32,423.5 BTU's/hr. Divide by 1,000 = 32.42 MBTU's/hr.

  3. How do you calculate air volume (cfm) for any air curtain?

    Width of nozzle (inches) X length of nozzle (inches) ÷ 144 = square feet of nozzle X the velocity (fpm) = cfm

  4. How do you calculate temperature rise if only btu/hr and air volume is given?

    BTU's/hr ÷ CFM's (1.085) = Temperature Rise.

  5. When Berner calculates btu/hr, temperature rise etc., the calculations are based on what steam pressure and entering air temperature?

    Steam pressure = 5 pounds. To calculate other steam pressures, see the appropriate Performance Data chart for the specific Berner model. All entering air temperature information is based on 70ƒF entering air temperature.